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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

Aug 4, 2022


My therapist would object to the way I was going to start this pod, so instead I'll say 'thank you for bearing with me and accepting the slightly less-than-regular issuing of this pod'.

Anyhoo. I have an excuse this time, and it's very much the subject of this pod. I've been away from home, on a road trip around Ireland for a week and a half. My friend Anne-Laure wanted to visit Ireland and in summer 2020 we'd sketched out plans to do a 10-day trip there, but things kept getting in the way. Mainly Covid. But we finally managed to get there in mid-July 2022, and because of being away, it seemed the most obvious thing to pod about.

Topics discussed in this episode are:
* Non-Binary day, week, and socialising
* Background to our road trip, and what made it unusual as far as my trips are concerned
* Irish sport, and resulting travel concerns
* Dublin Student Accommodation
* Our various B&B stays across the country
* St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
* Other religious sites visited, often called St Mary's
* The joy of Knock
* Various country houses and ruined abbeys
* The Rock of Cashel
* Ruins of Ancient Ireland
* The Burren
* The Isle of Inis Mor and the Cliffs of Moher
* Dingle
* Father Ted
* The Asexual Capital Of The World
* A distinct lack of road signs
* Beer and sausage rolls

A PDF transcript of this episode is available.

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My friend AnneLaure provided the introduction, whilst my friend V gave the interspersions, which are all song lyrics spoken in completely not the correct rhythm. This is on purpose.

Until next time, bye for now. :)