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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

Feb 23, 2023

Hello :)

This is the recording of the twelfth edition of my not-at-all regular Twitter Space sessions; the reason for their irregularity is finding a convenient time to record it.

Our topic this time is 'sports and fitness', or at least that was the original concept. It seems to have ended up being a third 'running...

Feb 16, 2023


As a traveller, trains are by far my favourite form of transport. I find them comfortable, I like that I can just get up and walk around if I want to, I get a decent amount of legroom, and I can spend my time looking out the window at the passing scenery, which is invariably far more interesting than what the...

Feb 9, 2023

Hello :)

This is the recording of the eleventh edition of my semi-regular Twitter Space sessions.

Following on from the previous Space, about Manners & Customs, it made sense to go over a bit of old ground and do a recording specifically on 'barefoot life. Because it's one of those subjects that it's kind of hard to get...

Feb 2, 2023


Okay, let's start with a controversial statement: Everything you know about Detroit is wrong. Nothing like setting your stall out from the off, I guess. Well, not everything, but probably your first impression is. Certainly a couple of people I spoke to in Toronto were … somewhat confused when I mentioned I was...