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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

Dec 9, 2022

Hello :)

This is the recording of the ninth edition of my semi-regular Twitter Space sessions.

This was recorded back in July but I've only just got round to issuing it as a podcast episode. We had a long chat about hometown travel: how you can and why you should. And while it helps to have a sizeable hometown,...

Nov 24, 2022


Some while ago, I did a pod on beer around the world. Having just come back from a PressTrip to Plsen in Czechia, where I was paid to drink beer, I figured it was the right time to do another on the subject, but this time looking at beer in general. About different beer styles. About where my interest came from....

Nov 18, 2022


This episode, the first after my unexpected and unplanned hiatus, will be all about beer. Specifically, I talk about my Press Trip to Plsen in Czechia, where I spent 3½ days drinking beer for free, including touring a few breweries both large and small. This Press Trip was taken through the Traverse Organisation...

Aug 25, 2022


This podcast was supposed to have been on beer. But I was waiting for a couple of contributions that never came. That will be coming soon. Instead, I thought I'd do something related to that very fact, and talk about podcasting. Since it's been over four years since I started this pod, since I've done nearly 70...

Aug 11, 2022

Hello :)

This is the recording of the eighth edition of my semi-regular Twitter Space sessions.

Today's episode was all about hiking, but specifically the Hike Across Great Britain I did with my hiking buddy Becky, in the summer of 2019. We're chattering about why I chose to do a hike of such length, how we planned it,...