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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

Dec 29, 2019

If you travel, the chances are you'll cross a border at some point, even if it's just as simple as going from one local authority area to another. Yet borders are important and significant lines on the map, and even the smallest can be notable.

Borders have always fascinated me, as they're at 'the edge', so everything...

Aug 22, 2019

As you may know, I've been away much of the summer, walking across Great Britain with my hiking buddy Becky the Traveller.

This episode of my podcast gives an overview of the hike, including:
* preparations
* gear
* routing
* how the hike went
* things that went wrong
* the countryside we passed through
* feelings...

Mar 25, 2019

Most of the travel I do is solo, and this episode looks at why; from my own personal preferences to travelling alone, to the logistical advantages and problems of doing so.  I do talk about my experiences of travelling with others, both in group environments and travelling with friends.

The pod comes off the back of a...

Feb 3, 2019

Another of my destination-specific podcasts this week - although it starts with a quick 7min overview of Lebanon as that's where I was when I wrote most of it ...

This episode looks at Uzbekistan; mainly around the practicalities of the country - food, transport, accommodation etc, rather than specific details of...

Jan 11, 2019

The first "Special Episode" of my podcast, where I read one of my travel-related fiction short stories, based on the topic of "Inheritance".