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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

Oct 21, 2021


This month has included Pronoun Day, Coming Out Day, and Asexual Awareness Week, amongst other things. It's been a big month for self-awareness. Following on from my previous episode on 'Coming Out' to yourself with neurodiversity, this episode is on 'Coming Out' to yourself with a non-standard sexual or gender identity. I also go into some of the mental health concerns, and talk about how very often coming out to yourself makes you realise the clues had been there for years, it was just a case of recognising them for what they were.

Topics discussed include:
* What I did last weekend (it involved beer and broken planes)
* 'Coming Out' to myself as Asexual
* Little boxes, little boxes ...
* 'Coming Out' to myself as Demiboy Non-Binary
* Cultural Appropriation and being 'enough'
* How having a good community around you helps
* The benefits of a good pronoun
* Compulsive Heterosexuality is still a sexuality
* The overlap between sexuality and mental health issues
* Coming Out' to others as Asexual, compared with being Lesbian and Religious
* I don't want to make a scene about it all
* 'The Clues Were There And I Really Should Have Known'
* I'm really not a typical occupant of a male body
* Would it have made any difference had I realised earlier?

Contributions in this episode come from: Sarah and Kayla (the two hosts of the Sounds Fake But Okay podcast); my friend Kira; Miranda Knudtson from Instagram; and an online friend called Katelyn.

A PDF transcript of this episode is available.

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Until next time, bye for now. :)