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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

May 27, 2021


Influencer Integrity. It's a topic often discussed online, but what does it mean? Does it matter if travel bloggers spend most of their time being paid to promote products, if they're open about it? Would you trust a travel blogger to sell you a destination? And do you have to be paid to be an influencer anyway? All these questions, and more, may not be answered. I also look at whether influencers are allowed to be critical of a destination, or even if they're obliged to be honest to the extent of being critical, where it's necessary.

As well as personal housekeeping (antibiotics, meeting a friend in York), topics discussed include:
* What is an influencer anyway? Aren't we all influencers, really?
* Recommendations and 'are you getting a benefit from that?'
* Is it different for celebrities who do adverts?
* Press Trips and 'when things don't align with my brand ethics' (part one)
* I Don't Like Italy And This Is Why
* Other Places That Are Not Loved
* The importance of being earnest about your experiences
* Press Trips and 'when things don't align with my brand ethics' (part two)
* What does The Barefoot Backpacker stand for?

Contributions in this episode come from:
* Morgan and Prachi (AlienEating)
* Kate-Frankie (This Could Lead To Anywhere)
* TravelLightBlog
* Laura Lundahl
* Amanda (Not A Ballerina)

A PDF transcript of this episode is available.

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