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Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure

May 26, 2022


This episode is all about myths & legends from around the world. Or at least, mostly around the UK, Ireland, and Michigan. Myths and legends might be hyper-local, specific to one town, or they might be known worldwide with the very name invoking an instant impression. They could even be the driving force behind an entire cultural identity and assumed history. Whatever they were, they're fascinating insights into a place and the people who live in it.

Topics discussed include:
* My recent trips to London and hiking the Yorkshire Three Peaks
* The tale of the Nain Rouge, Detroit, USA
* Other legends of Michigan (Dog Man, Melonheads, Pressie)
* My uncle's music collection is stuck in 1973
* The tales of Tam Lin and Matty Groves
* Lebor Gabala Erenn
* The myths and legends of the Ulster Cycle, with apologies for my bad pronunciations
* Take Good Care Of Your Cows
* What the ancient Ulster capital of Emain Macha looks like now
* Selkies. And Kelpies.
* La Llorona, and why children should stay away from water
* The tale of the Wizard of the Edge
* What do you mean Sherwood Forest is a real place?
* Robin Hood, Sheffield's biggest export
* Some myths are just a tax-avoidance scam

Contributions to this episode come from:
* Nat, from Natpacker Travel
* My friend Dayna, who doesn't have a web presence
* Author Joanna Hastings, who can be found on Twitter
* My co-conspiratior Victoria Pearson

A PDF transcript of this episode is available.

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Until next time, bye for now. :)